Not me

No, you do not love me. 

You love the idea of me. 

Unfortunately, this idea of who I am

Is a poorly guessed one. 

And it will stay as that-

A figment of your imagination, 

A by-product of your assumptions.

I am not a fantasy,

I am painstakingly real.

Too bad, it’s not what you wanted. 

I am not always happy,

Nor reasonable and logical. 

I am a dreamer, 

And is therefore, always disappointed. 

So you see, 

A person cannot simply be painted black and white

He is a multitude of colors, 

A canvass that is continuously worked on. 

And every single day, 

I will continue to disappoint you

With what I say and do. 

And slowly, you too, will see

You only loved an imaginary person

But not me. 


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