I am


I am made of fire and fumes,

as big as I could possibly be

It is I whom people need,

yet never even been shown gratitude.

I used to be marvelous in your eyes,

but more and more-

each day takes away my charm

until I no longer appeal to you.

I am the center of a vast space,

but is given not a single glance-

I am too bright for their eyes,

so they turn away their gazes.

And when it is time to bid goodbye,

I see millions and millions of sparkling lights-

their aim plain and simple,

to take my place.

Soon I will die,

only then will you realize-

what you have ignored and expected to stay,

matters a lot but by then,

it will be too late-

and it won’t matter anymore.

Soon l will learn,

I am not a ball of fire and fumes

I am not destructive.

I am needed –

but no one ever asked if I needed someone too.

I am within arms reach,

and always available-

but no one ever looks at me and sees right through me.

And despite it all,

I can be easily replaced

with a single snap of finger,

so I yield.

But I wonder,

if like the sun,

I too shall choose to disappear

and never come back.

Will they break down?

Or lose their footing?

After all,

I am an essential part

of the background.

But that is all of me

and nothing more.


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