It was our last day on Earth.

Yesterday, everything was cancelled in lieu of the last living day of Earth. No work, no classes,and everyone was given the opportunity to do anything for free for one last time however they want.

Some stayed at home with their families. Some coordinated a mass to worship. Some took it to parks and even travelled wherever their cars could take them. The scene was both chaotic and organized. It was a mix of a slow motion and fast forward effect, blended perfectly.

It was our last day on Earth.

I wore my most comfortable clothes and dropped by your home. You told me you didn’t want to face the end with me. You said you’re too unlucky and might end up alive while the rest of us die and it would be too painful. I said that’s stupid.

I held your hand and you pulled me into your arms. I took a sniff of your perfume. It still smells good even after all these years. You played with the necklace on my neck, the one you gave me on one of our dates before.

I imagined a huge explosion, one that would crush my bones down to the last bit. I imagined playing our memories in my head in flashes, trying to run through all of them as much as I can. I imagined closing my eyes and never opening them again. I imagined my end, but I cannot imagine yours.

At least we get to spend the last minutes of our lives together.

It was our last day on Earth.

But, no, we will live among the stars. Our atoms mixing together to become another matter. We would live on.

Any minute now the end would begin. Oh, how time passed by. One last time, let me tell you I love you.

“I lo-”



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