About the page

The most awaited time of the day is also the slowest to arrive-but no one ever said it’s not worth it. We subject ourselves to this longing, willing it to stretch longer than it should be. Out of desk is dedicated to the modern-day masochists, daydreamers and escapists. To the sane yet insane, because we do mundane things that take up most of our short lives, and so we compromise.

And compromise shall I.

So just pour the thoughts, ideas and art that never had much room at work. Because working hours are dedicated to the conforming side of us, and the hours after, we owe to our true selves . And one cannot deny, it is during those times that we feel free. The closest ever we can get to being honest with our thoughts and emotions.

Thus, the creation of Out of Desk.

The Author

Yikes, introduction. Okay… Rashel is a she. I am she. ┬áThe kind of person who has a lot to say but chooses to write them down. Why not? Well, if I had chosen to speak, then raw and spiteful words would come out. But, if I write it down, it becomes something more purposeful.

So I prefer to write.