Cheers to the gray days

Here’s to the half-meant smile.

Alas, they will be all gone.
Lo and behold the light graze

Of a long time friend in pitch black clothes

I know I’ll follow him soon.
No more hollow emptiness,

no more trying or begging to feel-

The journey began,

almost as easily as counting 1 to 3.

I knew it,

when I closed my eyes-

my friend held my hand-

and never opened them again.



Out of all the missed hellos,

Yours was the one I took chance in. 

Out of all the unrequited affections,

Yours was the one I gambled with.

Out of all the craved attention,

Yours was the one I wanted the most.

Out of all the broken promises,

Yours were the ones I hold on to.

Out of all the dedicated love songs sang,

Yours was the one I penned myself.

Out of all the sleepless nights,

Yours was the one filled with waking dreams.

Out of all the heartbreaks,

Yours was the one I wouldn’t regret.

Out of all the goodbyes,

Yours is the one I wouldn’t bear to hear. 


A little too much

And because her love for him was too big

an understatement of uncontrollable,

her love for him shied away from reason or logic-

she failed to see

she was destroying him.

She was unaware that-

her hugs were too tight

her kisses too fierce,

she left him with a broken rib or two.

Her love was sprawled all over him

she thought it was endearing-

but he was drowning

and beyond saving from it all.

Only time can tell,

which of them

would be destroyed first.

A little too much

Pity those

Pity those who have unknowingly housed

a monster inside their heads—

for they will never find

solace in their own company.

Pity those whose thoughts dare not wander

on uncharted meadows and unexplored lands—

for they will fail to see past

the monotonous place we call “everyday life”.

Pity those who have chosen to conceal

their emotions in the corners of their hearts—

for they will fail to encounter

the endless possibilities of one hello.

Pity those who cannot put into words

what they hear so loudly in their hearts—

for they will be burning bridges

with a fire of their own making.

Pity those