Bedtime poems

“This is it. I’m done”,

Is a lie

I keep making. 

Just when I see no reason

In continuing,

I look back and 

Irrationally decide

To give it one last shot.

I’m pretty sure that one’s called

A thousand times before.

Because I’m a stubborn believer

Of endless second chances.

With my mouth,

I declare my defeat.

With my feet,

I keep going backwards.

And so in the end,

I am stuck.

While everyone else has moved on,

I keep giving chances

To the ghosts of the past. 


Against time

They were two souls-

sculpted to fit each other-

who met at the wrong time.

And one cannot help but say,

the story does not end well. 

For time is both a friend and a foe.

And boy, what a terrible enemy it is.   

Because when time plays its tricks,

one can only surrender and accept defeat.